Emma Nicholas
Reception Teacher

Welcome to Reception

Welcome to Reception!

In Reception we recognise the importance of play in a child’s development. Through play, children can experiment with language, relationships, movement, creativity and practise key skills they need to develop. It allows them to use their imagination and engage with the world around them using all their senses.

Across Foundation Stage, we have set a series of curriculum goals for children to aspire to achieve related the Areas of Learning as set out in the EYFS. These are for children to be a:

  • Confident Communicator
  • Independent Individual
  • Fantastic Friend
  • Amazing Athlete
  • Talented Tool User
  • Brilliant Bookworm
  • Wonderful Writer
  • Master of Maths
  • Exceptional Explorer
  • Compassionate Citizen
  • Dynamic Designer
  • Proud Performer


It is very important that children develop their phonemic awareness – the ability to hear and identify different sounds. Children will complete a daily phonics lesson where they learn new sounds and how to use them to read and write words and sentences. To support children’s vocabulary and story writing skills, we use the Talk for Writing approach. The children will engage with 2 different texts each half term where they learn to retell it, innovate it and finally produce their own version of the story. We aim to provide children with a love of reading and support this by reading and engaging with high quality texts and books.


Developing a strong grounding in number is essential so that children develop the necessary building blocks to excel mathematically later in life. In Reception, children have a daily maths session together where they learn the basic principles of number. Throughout the year we aim to give them a deep understanding of numbers to 10 (whilst being able to count and recognise numbers beyond this!) and how to use them to solve problems, notice patterns, double, group and share. They will also learn other mathematical concepts including shape, space and measure throughout the year.

Autumn Term Information

This half term we will be focussing on Traditional Tales in Talk for Writing and are using The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man as our core texts.

We are focussing on numbers to 5 in Maths.

We will be exploring Occupations and Celebrations (including Bonfire Night and Diwali) in topic and finding out how countries around the world celebrate Christmas.

PE day is Monday

Forest School day is Friday 

Please send your child’s reading book and reading record in every day so we can read with them in class throughout the week. 

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