Published on: 9th February, 2024

The Weekly Word


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Headteacher Message Friday 9th February 2024

I realise that this half term was a short one but it seems to have flown by.

There has been lots going on this week, both in and out of school. The Year 6 children did themselves proud when they performed their routine in the dance festival at William Brookes School. Thank you to all the parents who went along to support the children and a big thank you to Mr Richards and Mrs Furber for choregraphing the dance.

Our new school council had their inaugural meeting this week. The children were fantastic and came up with lots of ideas for improving the school. Look out for more information in the coming weeks.

The Nursery children have been having a ball this week. The rain certainly didn’t dampen their spirits as the enjoyed splashing in the puddles. They have also been busy creating a dragon whilst learning all about the Great Race and New Year Traditions. This all ended with a Dragon dance in the hall followed by a Dragon tour of the school. Year Four were particularly impressed with their visit and gave a huge round of applause to our littlest learners! You can see the video on the school Facebook Page.

I hope everyone has a nice half term break and I look forward to seeing everyone back in school on Monday 19th February.

Mr Litchfield

Stars of the Week

Reception    Max and Lacey

Year 1           Oliver Cooper and Rory N

Year 2            Rory W and Jonah

Year 3            Presley and Ivy

Year 4             All of Year 4

Year 6             All of Year 6

Rainy Day Fun

It’s raining, it’s pouring…but that won’t stop us! Nursery Children had a whale of a time running, jumping, splishing and splashing through the puddles today! There was so much to explore: what happens when you roll a tyre through the puddle, what water feels like, how jumping can make your splashes VERY high, and what things can float and sink. But the biggest thing to measure today…the bigger the splash, the louder the giggles!

School Council Meeting

Our first School Council meeting.